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Tips and Hints

Ridings Plumbing has collectively over 100 years of experience to help you when there’s a plumbing issue or emergency. We know how annoying and expensive they can be. Here’s a list of simple maintenance tips to help prevent costly repairs.

General Tips

  • Fix leaky faucets promptly. Leaks can waste about 20 gallons of water a day, and they can ruin your faucet set.
  • Do not use caustic liquid drain openers on a drain that is completely clogged. It can severely damage your pipes.
  • Periodically drain several gallons of water from your water heater. This removes sediment from the bottom of the tank to increase heating efficiency and prolong tank life.
  • Disconnect all garden hoses before winter and/or freezing weather. Failing to do so can cause not only the hose to split, but also damage the hose bib it is connected to.
  • If you see water in your basement, stop using it or you could cause further damage! Call Ridings Plumbing and we will diagnose and fix the problem for you.

Kitchen and Bath

  • To clean your showerheads and remove mineral deposits – Put one cup of vinegar in a plastic bag and place it over the showerhead. Hold it in place with a twist tie and let stand overnight. In the morning, remove the bag and wipe off the mineral deposits with a damp cloth.
  • To clean your garbage disposal – Use ice cubes and orange or lemon peals with adequate cold water.
  • Do not pour grease down your kitchen drain or disposal. This can cause clogging of pipes as the grease hardens. Try to wipe off hard grease from pots and dishes before washing.
  • If your garbage disposal is not working, make sure the switch is off, clear any debris, then look for a reset button at the bottom of the disposal unit and press it. Make sure you run water before turning it on again.